High Bar Back Squat vs. Low Bar Back Squat

So. There are two different styles of back squat and both have their place in training. A high bar back squat is characterized by a high bar placement on the traps. The squatter maintains as vertical of a chest as possible while squatting to below parallel. This style of back squat has a lot of carry-over in Olympic lifting and therefore is very beneficial to a CrossFitter. The low bar back is characterized by a lower bar placement on the squatters back. The squatter is forced to change their back angle throughout the lift in an effort to keep the bar over their midline or middle of their foot. Keeping the bar over your midline is the goal of any good squat, whether that effort is conscious or unconscious. The low bar back squat recruits the entire posterior chain, something necessarily possible in a good high bar back squat and therefore more weight can be moved in a low bar back squat. This style is characteristic of powerlifters. For more information on these squats and the benefits and differences between the two styles of lifting, check out these articles…


If you have a CrossFit journal subscription (if you don’t yet, you should). This article is by Mark Rippetoe…


For the purposes of CrossFit from Jay Rhodes, owner of Outlaw North…



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